The Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra (ACSO) was formed in early 2016 with the aim of championing Asian cultural music and symphonic works composed in an Asian aesthetic that go beyond mere melodic and instrumentational pastiche, celebrating them with equal regard to their Western counterparts. Based in Singapore, the ACSO also seeks to serve as a platform to showcase Singaporean talents.

The ACSO is an orchestra comprising of over 80 musicians from various backgrounds who are primarily trained in Western classical music. The ACSO provides an avenue for its musicians to explore Asian symphonic music, which is not part of the typical programming of most symphony orchestras, even ones that are based in Asia.

The ACSO hopes to bring Asian symphonic music to a wider audience, and that it will be enjoyed by audiences for generations to come.




Our Mission

A premier ensemble that represents the culture and sounds of Asia.

Our Vision

  • To champion Asian Cultural music and Symphonic works
  • To offer instrumental talents from Singapore (and Asia) to showcase their talents as soloists
  • To provide musicians with the opportunity to further enhance their musical skills
  • To foster community bonding through a common platform for diverse arts groups to collaborate including community outreach to the masses