Student Art Ambassadors

Organised by Symphonic Music (Asia) Ltd and supported by the Temasek Foundation (TF), the programme is part of the Multiculturalism in Music Programme, which seeks to foster multiculturalism, promote inclusiveness and harmony between the different cultures, and strengthen the Singapore identity.

Heritage education is critical to preserving and celebrating our identity, as well as establishing the foundation from which we can confidently face the future. The SAP is an initiative that seeks to encourage discovery and appreciation of Singapore’s music cultural heritage in a fun and immersive way. Through taking on the role of an ambassador and educating the audiences about the exhibition on display at our performance venue, SAP aims to give students the chance to expand their knowledge of and interest in the performing arts.

Participants will be divided into groups to conduct research on a chosen topic, such as the composer(s), cultural medallion winner(s), or ethnic instrument(s) that will be featured in the upcoming ACSO concert. Students will also be involved in the design of the final artwork, providing input, and working with professional designers. At the end of the programme, the students’ knowledge will be put to the test when they share their findings with the audiences at the Victoria Concert Hal

Objectives and Outcomes
  • Develop basic skills in interpretation of the subject matter and presentation.
  • Develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject matter through exhibits.
  • Develop analytical thinking skills.
  • Develop confidence and public presentation skills.
  • Enable place-based learning and appreciation of skill-sets through student presentations at the performance venue / school.
Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events